1 in 3 families struggle

With the cost of living soaring, one third of families don’t have enough money to cover basic expenses, including housing, food, transportation, and childcare. Talent and toil should be enough to ensure success, but today too many people are stuck on the wrong side of the opportunity gap. Entrepreneurship and education remain proven pathways to prosperity.

800 Students save for college
2,700 Entrepreneurs grow their businesses
Create and Sustain 7,830 jobs
Generate $152 M in new economic activity

3,500 people will turn their dreams into opportunities with your support

Your gift today can make a difference for 3,500 families in California and beyond.

Helps make loans to entrepreneurs
to grow small businesses
that hire employees
Funds savings incentives
to help students pay for college
to land a better job

“Investing in people is the heart of making true change. Opportunity Fund invests in entrepreneurs who are creating jobs, reinvesting in our communities and innovating with new products and services.” -Vivienne Lee, Los Angeles

“I’m a strong believer in Opportunity Fund’s model. It is my honor to be involved with their journey to expand business loan programs and serve more entrepreneurs.” -Yun-Fang Juan, San Francisco

“Earning a college degree helped set me on a path to pursue greater opportunities. I want to provide the same opportunity to others – especially the rock star students who have the talent and drive to pursue their dream.” -Jennifer, San Jose

“I believe in Opportunity Fund's mission to help, inspire and empower others in entrepreneurship, higher education and financial independence.” -Fredrick, Los Angeles


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